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Common Digital marketing Questions

 Digital marketing includes all online efforts to market your business and products. They include using means like email marketing, social media marketing PPC and more.

The best place to get a digital marketer is through a digital agency such as Arriglen company limited. The reason for this is because all our digital experts are well trained and experienced from dealing with clients from different industries.

Digital marketing assets include things like:

  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Your Website 
  • Branded items (your logo, icons etc)
  • Images( Infographics, Product photography, Company photo)
  • Videos(Promotional videos/animations etc)
  • Written content ( Blogs, Articles etc)
  • Online resources ( CRMs)

It’s a guide map that helps you harness technology to bring growth in all sectors of your business or brand. It involves information that will help you align your goals with the digital ambitions of your business. The digital strategy outlines the tools, assets, channels and methodology of achieving your digital purpose.

  • It gives you direction
  • It helps you figure out your target market and market share.
  • It gives you a clear picture of who your direct competitors are and what they are doing.
  • It helps you figure out any issues that may be affecting your digital campaigns.
  • It allows you to create relevant content that will speak directly to your target audience.
  • It helps you optimize your paid campaigns, therefore, saving you money.
  • It allows you to work out your digital marketing budget

Its a study that is conducted to figure out who your direct and indirect customers are. This study is especially useful when you are creating content since it allows you to reach out to your exact clients which in turn saves you time and money.

There are a number of Digital Marketing courses available to you offered by international companies such as Google,Hubspot,Microsoft and more. 

Website development

Common Website development Questions

It’s the work involved in creating a website and making it work perfectly.

The tools include 

  • Sublime Text.
  • Chrome Developer Tools.
  • jQuery.
  • GitHub.
  • Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Angular.js.
  • Sass.
  • The objective  ( it needs to be clear and precise)
  • Research (Get examples of sites in your industry)
  • Content ( using the right keywords will help you rank higher)
  • Branding (Proper branding gives your website identity)
  • Color scheme ( It should be inline with your branding to ensure continuity)
  • Images and videos( when is the last time you visited a good website without any images?)

Arriglen Company Limited offers three different website development packages for Individual and Small businesses, Midsized and Large businesses as well as an E-commerse option for clients selling their products online. All the packages are designed to ensure that you get the best out of your new website.

Arriglen consultancy

Arriglen marketing consultancy questions

Some of our featured services include:

  • Digital strategies
  • Target market analysis
  • Swot analysis
  • Content creation
  • Media Campaigns
  • Graphic design
  • Infomercials
  • 2D & 3D Design
  • Key word research
  • Mpesa integration
  • SEO
  • Influencer marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Web design

You can reach us through our email address at collinsdaniel@arriglen.co.ke 

WhatsApp us on 0778588802 or 0716752023

We mostly work remotely and that allows us to give you support from anywhere in the world.

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